Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Spirit of Ecstasy

"Strive for perfection on everything you do" Sir Henry Royce

Just by chance I was wearing a polo shirt from work when we went to visit BMW Welt. I got to talk to one of the guys who are there to make sure nobody puts his hands on these pretty expensive examples of British engineering (albeit BMW owned). After a while he nodded to a colleague and we were given the chance to enter the glass barrier, where we were given a thorough tour of this Phantom II. We were allowed to sit down inside (me and my wife hoping that the children don´t break anything in the back seats!) and, to top it up, the guy took a couple of family photos.

I made it clear that I don´t work for the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars (in which case I would not have been as impressed by the car), but rather for the aerospace sibling. Maybe they thought I was an executive coming from Goodwood to check the courtesy standards!

Whatever the case, it was highly enjoyable.

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