Thursday, 30 April 2009


No me gusta retocar las fotos, en parte por vaguería pero también porque tampoco sé hacerlo, para que nos vamos a engañar. Pero esta vez no he podido reprimirme. La de la izqda es la foto verdadera, y la de la dcha es la foto que a mí me habría gustado hacer.

Por qué no puede la gente llevarse la basura a casa?.

I don´t like retouching photos, partly because I am way too lazy for it and, on top of this, I do not know how to do it properly anyway. But this time I could not resist using the Picasa retouch option to delete all the litter. The left photo is the real one, but the one I would have liked to take is the one in the right.

Why can people not take their rubbish with them?

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Poesía y Música

Ni es el primero que mi madre ha escrito y publicado ni será el último que escriba, pero es el primero que he editado yo y ayudado a publicar en un servicio de impresión bajo demanda.

Por si alguien está interesado, y aunque no es el motivo principal de hacerlo, se puede adquirir aquí.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Learning curve

I learned something very important this weekend related to photography. Gadgets can get in your way of taking the best available photos in that they make you think in a predefined path, which may not be the most appropriate, or just plainly wrong.

I have been trying different things with off camera flashes and wireless triggers for the last few months and somehow got fixed with the idea that flashes belong to the tripod (one lame excuse being that until very recently I did not have a flash I could use on my camera as they were not specific for Canon).

But I am pretty much convinced that yesterday´s shots would have come out way better just with the flash mounted on the hot shoe. Hopefully I learned the lesson.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


I just recently got acquainted with the concept of negative space, but I have to admit I was not thinking about it at all when doing the shot, rather trying to please my family after they had finished this master piece. What would you write in the empty space?

Saturday, 4 April 2009

DRK en primavera

This one is made out of almost 50 photos. I was thinking of redoing it so that the stitches can not be seen, but I actually like the effect plus the black border. This is how this looked like in winter

Esta foto está hecha a partir de otras 50. El efecto de los "cosidos" me gusta, así que creo que la voy a dejar tal cual. En invierno esto tenía esta pinta

Photo made with a demo version of Autostitch.