Saturday, 24 May 2014

Close look at A400M

When I first moved to Germany, the plan was that I would work on the TP400 project (the turboprop engine designed by a joint venture of european companies powering the A400M). As life has many turns, I ended up doing relatively little on this engine, but even so it was quite special to have a look inside and even sit in the cockpit for a little while. I also spent some time talking to one of the French pilots, which made for an even better experience. Merci beaucoup!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Food for the aero soul

I was yesterday a few hours at ILA and I really enjoyed the time. I arrived very early and managed to see most of what I wanted to see before it got too crowded, i.e. no queues! 

This is one of our engines, a BR710, proudly powering a beatiful Bombardier Global 5000.

More TK...

Friday, 16 May 2014


It´s interesting to see how places change, and even more how our perception of these places change.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Domus Artis

Most of the photos in the Serenity series have been taken while the person was engrossed in reading. Or at least I asked for permission if it was impossible to get close unnoticed. Not this one though, this is a fully staged photo, which is quite unusual for me. I wanted to take a photo of Juan Alfonso in his great exhibition space, Domus Artis, and this is what I came up with making use of the big opening in the roof (plus a little bit of help of an off-camera flash).

Casi todas las fotos de la serie Serenity las he tomado mientras que la persona estaba absorta en la lectura, o al menos he preguntado antes si era imposible acercarse sin ser visto. Menos ésta. Quería hacer una foto de Juan Alfonso en su maravillosa sala de exposiciones, Domus Artis. Y viendo la luz que entraba por la ventana, esto es lo que se me ocurrió en ese instante. Para destacar un poco más la cara usé un flash a la izquierda de la cámara.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Serenity in the park

While walking around the village looking for some more portraits of people, I spotted this young lady reading in the very same park where we used to play many years ago. I came closer to ask for permission to take a photo for the Serenity series and I was surprised to see that she was reading an English book.

Even better, this was not the only photo I will be able to add to my exhibition in July here in Berlin, as shortly afterwards I managed to take yet another one.