Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Berlin - Munich - Dubai - Bangkok - Sydney - Christchurch (and back)

The map is an actual photo I took in a travel shop in Christchurch, with my route overimposed. As you can see from the title of this post, it takes a few take-offs and landings to get there. Total travelling time was around 40 hours door to door (each way!).

NZ is actually the antipodes of Spain, with Christchurch and A Coruña being pretty much aligned to each other, i.e. I could not have gone any further even if I had tried.

The first batch of posts is now scheduled, with a daily post until the end of the month, which just covers the trip and the first evening out in Christchurch.


Elena said...

Qué haces para viajar tanto?

Anonymous said...

Tanto? Yo no diría que un par de viajes al año es mucho, no?

Otra cosa es que últimamente me ha tocado ir muy lejos :-)

Elena said...

Buena contestación, sí señor.

Pero ya me gustaría a mi hacer esos viajes tan lejos. Por ahora me quedo cerquita hasta nuevo aviso.