Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Reichstag (ii)

Éste es el restaurante que está en la azotea del Reichstag.

This is a shot of the restaurant on the roof of the Reichstag (open to the public), next to the dome.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Tea Time

The assignment was to photograph one or more kitchen utensils. I opened a drawer and found this to prepare tea, so there you are.

About the light, I just used one flash at 1/4 power through a self made box made out of translucid Ikea box lids with printer paper fixed on the walls.

Al final de la segunda lección hay que hacer una foto con algún utensilio de la cocina. Abrí el primer cajón y me encontré con el cacharro de hacer té (cómo se llama esto??) y el termómetro.

Un flash a un cuarto de potencia a través de una caja hecha a base de las tapas de plástico de unas cajas de Ikea (creo) con papel de impresora pegado a las paredes.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Süsser See

Dulce no sé si estaría el lago, pero helado desde luego que sí. Tomada en un alto en el camino desde aquí.

Not sure if this lake is as sweet as the name, but it was frozen for sure. Shot taken from here.

Panorama stitched with a demo version of Autostitch

Friday, 6 March 2009

Lighting 102

I have (more or less) followed Strobist for quite some time and recently I bought an ebay trigger, which basically means I can start trying off-camera lighting once I have a decent flash. While that arrives (they don´t come cheap) I have bought a ten-euro flash and start playing with it and the new possibilities it offers.

But that doesn´t mean much, because the real limiting factor is not photo gear but time itself. And that you cannot buy anywhere, and I guess the same goes for creativity...

But enough of moaning, the above is a quick try after reading the first lesson.

Aunque sigue sin sobrarme el tiempo, recientemente he adquirido un disparador inalámbrico y un flash para poder explorar otro tipo de fotografía bastante distinta de las que había hecho ahora.

La foto de arriba es el resultado después de leer la primera lección de Lighting 102, del archiconocido blog Strobist.

Sunday, 1 March 2009


We had visitors over the weekend and went on Sat. night for a very short tour of downtown Berlin. We ended up in the Reichstag and I took the chance to make a panorama photo inside the dome made out of thirteen shots. Hardly a creative photo, I know, more like the typical tourist shot. But there is still one more to come at some point...

El sábado estuve con una visita en el centro de Berlín y subimos a la cúpula del Reichstag y aproveché para hacer la panorámica de arriba, que está hecha a partir de 13 fotos.

Panorama made with a demo version of Autostitch