Friday, 6 March 2009

Lighting 102

I have (more or less) followed Strobist for quite some time and recently I bought an ebay trigger, which basically means I can start trying off-camera lighting once I have a decent flash. While that arrives (they don´t come cheap) I have bought a ten-euro flash and start playing with it and the new possibilities it offers.

But that doesn´t mean much, because the real limiting factor is not photo gear but time itself. And that you cannot buy anywhere, and I guess the same goes for creativity...

But enough of moaning, the above is a quick try after reading the first lesson.

Aunque sigue sin sobrarme el tiempo, recientemente he adquirido un disparador inalámbrico y un flash para poder explorar otro tipo de fotografía bastante distinta de las que había hecho ahora.

La foto de arriba es el resultado después de leer la primera lección de Lighting 102, del archiconocido blog Strobist.

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Kety said...

Hola explorador, porque sé el poco tiempo que tienes, valoro tu trabajo, digo tus fotos.