Saturday, 25 August 2012

Interflug 2012

The 2012 edition of the Interflug Hat Tournament took place on the hottest weekend in Germany this year. I happened to have some spare time and came round on Sunday to take some photos and enjoy the atmosphere, which brought me loads of nice memories, as I used to train in these sport grounds when I first arrived to Berlin. Last time I was here to watch the tournament was four years ago. From the photographic perspective, not really the usual photos I take, but precisely because of this, a nice challenge. To keep up with the sport theme, and since I was not playing, I pedaled the nine kilometers from home carrying the camera, the monopod and the 75-300mm (which I very rarely use). Good for the legs and good for the soul.

Just before the final game started the polish girl pictured above asked me if I was part of the organization and if I could take some shots of her during the game. The answer was no, I am not part of the tournament organization but I can definitely take some pictures. I learned that this actually helps to keep focused on something during the game, which made it more interesting and, not surprisingly, the photos came better than in the other games, in which I was shooting randomly waiting for the great layout (which this time I didn´t catch).

And since she actually liked the photos and was kind enough to provide some feedback to my e-mail, I will post a snippet here: "And I have to tell you, that the photos are awesome! :) "

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