Monday, 6 February 2012

Puerta de Alcalá (de Henares)

There are absolutely loads of photos in the pipeline waiting to be published. I´ve done my fair bit of travelling in January, as I spent almost two weeks in New Zealand and brought back some nice shots I managed to take in between a very busy work schedule.

But for the sake of keeping it orderly, I will start with a few I took during the Xmas break and take it from there.

Please feel free to +1 any photos you like, new or old :-)


Anonymous said...

¿De Henares? Más bien de Madrid

Juan Carlos said...

Hola almeriense anónimo,

todo el mundo dice Puerta de Alcalá o calle de Alcalá, pero nadie dice Alcalá de Henares, que es hacia donde va la calle Alcalá (en Madrid, eso sí).