Sunday, 21 March 2010

The importance of having a tripod

From time to time it happens that you want to take a photo and you don´t know how to do it. This is frustrating enough. But knowing how to take a simple one and not being able to do it because of a technicality, such as the balcony railing in the way...

Long story short, went on holidays and took a mini tripod with me, which happened to be not big enough for the job. I cannot complain as I just paid ten euros for that tripod and it was actually intended to be used more for the flash than the camera itself. But being so close and not quite there!

On a different night I could not resist to give it another try. After deleting my fair share of hand-held long exposure photos I decided to move a table and get the tripod on top of it, which was still shaky but kind of worked in the end to get over the balcony railings.

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Kety said...

Por un momento pensé, que había llegado el día.
Me gustan.

Qué pena no saber idiomas.