Saturday, 10 March 2012

Southern Alps

On my only complete free day, Sunday, I decided to drive to Arthur´s Pass, along the West Coast Rd, but taking time to stop here and there. This was taken at an abandoned train station near Aylesbury. There was a panel showing the names of each peak, but I thought a photo with the rails would be a more interesting, especially since the fence was not that high. The one thing to note about this photo is that I took a series of them and I spent more time looking backwards than forwards. I was not sure of the train timetable and, for that matter, not even sure from which direction a train would come!

It was a beautiful Summer day in Christchurch and as I was getting closer to the mountains I could see all these clouds become more and more menacing. By the time I got there, I had my fair share of showers, to the point I was considering to drive back before I got to Arthur´s pass. Eventually I decided to stop on a lonely motel with an amazing view over the Waimakariri river and the mountains. After some hot coffee and a writing pause, I was ready to continue and give it a try hoping for the weather to get better. And I´m happy I did...

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