Friday, 23 March 2012

Christchurch Botanic Garden (iii)

I saw this shot on my mind pretty quickly as a I was passing by, but thought a bit more light was required for the tree. So this was my thinking process:
Get flash out of the ruck sack, place it behind the bench, facing the tree trunk, set it to not too much power, zoom as wide as possible, get back to position and shoot. Easy, no?

As it happened, upon pressing the shutter button I noticed that the battery of my wireless trigger was gone (I bought it in Xi'an, so I cannot really complain). Big disappointment. 

I thought about a similar occassion and wondered when I will learn to do proper checklists before such trips. But then I thought, what the heck, flash or no flash, I want this photo. So here you are, the photo  with a dark tree plus a short rant...

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