Sunday, 26 September 2010

12 meses

Some time ago I read somewhere that as people grow older, years seem to pass quicker and quicker. Apparently this is so because repetitions are not felt as something new (even if they are not so in the day-to-day detail), so we pay less attention to years where nothing new has happened. This may be so, or not. Maybe I am not old enough for that yet, or maybe this was an odd year.

Looking back at the last 12 months I was actually surprised at how much travelling I have done to unusual places (for me at least), although I have always considered myself not much of a traveller. Even so, I managed to clock 24 flights to 14 airports in 6 different countries. Some flights were bought months in advance. Others were bought the night before. I spent 7 weeks away from home on business travel, and about the same amount away on holidays with my family. I drove cars in both sides of the road in places where I could understand the road signs and took taxis in those cities where I could not read a word. I rushed for flights from a hundred miles away and sat in airports for hours waiting for my flight. Most importantly, I enjoyed my time all along and always tried to find time to take a couple of photos to capture some of the moments I lived so that they could be shared with my family and friends. Some photos were shown in the blog, which went through ups and downs in terms of quantity and quality. Some were shown in my first exhibition, which was well received by friends here in Berlin and, finally, most were kept for my family or simply myself.

And on top of this, there was the excitement and the joy of seeing how our two children grow and start to reach for the world...

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