Friday, 29 April 2011

New York Public Library

One of the buildings I could not see last time was the Public Library. This time, thanks again to the rainy weather, it was the perfect occassion to spend some hours in this magnificent building and institution. We actually joined one of the tours to get a glimpse of the history of the Library, which is now turning 100 years old and looking great.

The photo above is a stitched photo (as given away by the usual ghosts) taken from one of the lateral staircases. While I was there a couple of young german ladies asked me to take a photo of them (with their camera). Their English was not that good and they were surprised when I explained in German that the photo would not come out that well because of the difference between the dark staircase and the bright background. I´m always tempted to start touching the settings of other people´s cameras (not much appreciated) or directly offer to take the photo with my camera and send it later by e-mail. 

Plus I would not even think of spoiling such a great view placing my face in the very front, although admittedly their face was way nicer than mine...

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Alicia said...

Los fantasmas dan misterio y magia, sobretodo en bibliotecas.