Friday, 8 October 2010

Street Vendors

You would imagine that this woman earns her living selling fruit. Well, think twice. You cannot really make much with such minute amounts of fruit. This woman makes her living getting tourists to pay for a photo with the hat and the baskets, at western prices. A colleague of mine has the photo after paying two dollars for a couple of bananas that, by the way, we did not eat.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of other women in Hanoi carrying heavy goods in this traditional way. But these, I photographed discreetly from the back, not showing her faces and, believe me, were not so smiley as the one above...


Kety said...

Estoy segura que posó con mucho gusto para tí.

Muy chulas las fotos.

Kety said...

Ahora me he dado cuenta que el texto está en inglés, y lo mismo lo dices. Ja,ja,

¡Esto de no saber idiomas...!

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